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Jaw wants to mix your next gig!


Jaw has over 20 years experience in all aspects of Live Production, Studio Production, Studio Design and Construction, and Technical Troubleshooting. He has mixed sound and lighting for large venues. He has worked in large studio production facilites. His work has garnered Radio, TV and Film credits. He has designed and built a number of fully isolated production facilities.


On top of all that...He is a performer through and through, just like you. He knows what it is like to have your sound man give up on you when you need them most....  Something he will never do.


Put his experience to work for you. Below are some of the services he provides :

  • Over 20 Years Experience

  • Trebas Recording Arts and Acoustic Design Graduate

  • Engineering/Mixing Studio and Live

  • Specialized in Audio Restoration

  • A/V Editing

  • Design/Construction

  • Cabling/Electronics

  • Troubleshooting

Mobile Studio
  • Complete Recording Facility

  • Solar Powered

  • 24/96 Digital System

  • Pro Mics and Gear

  • Wide Selection of Instruments

  • Record where you want to

  • Any event any time

Live Sound
  • Professional Live Rig

  • User Controlled Monitoring

  • Live 32 Track Recording

  • Over 6000 Watts of sound reinforcement

  • Lighting and Backdrop

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