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Live Performances

Jaw wants to sing for you!


Whatever the size of your venue or function, Jaw consistantly provides great live entertainment. 


Jaw has toured and fronted live acts for over 15 years. He works with a ensemble of great professional musicians and has a huge repertoire of popular Rock, Country and Dance songs to be sure to make any event great.


Jaw is scalable! You can book his full 5 piece band for a powerful live performance, or if you are looking for a more intimate Jaw experience, one of his combo's or as a solo artist is sure to satisfy.


In any event, great sound is of the upmost importance for Jaw. He has been providing live production for acts, all of his career. For the past couple of years (2014/2015) he produced live shows full time at a leading casino. He brings that same level of production and professionalism to his live shows.

Click here and book Jaw for your next event! 


Jaw is currently mixing material for an upcoming release. Please check back for more information and release dates. Have a listen to some clips below.....



Upcoming Release
          Song Clips
Clips - Jaw
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